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So, I have not posted here in a really really long time. I have made the decision that after twenty plus years in a kitchen, I have had enough. I have had wonderful experiences throughout my culinary journey and have met some really incredible people along the way. I have had the pleasure of cooking for Presidents, kids from a low income neighborhood in public charter school, and everything in between. I was even blessed enough to have my own business. I have accomplished more than I had ever hoped to dream of in the business, and for that, I feel truly blessed and eternally grateful. However, for the last several years, I have been longing to blaze different trails and have not had the same passion for cooking that I had when this journey started. 

In the past few years, I produced two albums, one for a dear friend of mine Alysha, and the other was a Christmas record that I did with my wife and kids. Both of these projects filled me with a desire that I had not had in ages, and that desire is to create new things. So does that mean that I am going to be a full time musician now? Well, I certainly considered it. However, I learned in the process that I don’t ever want making music to be my job. I just love to make it, and I hope that when I get a chance to make it, others will be blessed by it, free of charge. Which leads me to where all of this is going.

So, just after we closed Basikneads, I had a lot of free time on my hands. I found this online coding course and got started on a track. I ended up coding for like 8 hrs, in a row. I just loved it. It was like a jigsaw puzzle or a game that I needed to find the answer to. Now few people know that in addition to making music, I just have this love for technology. I read about it extensively in my spare time, & am fascinated at how quickly it evolves. But during the time I started at this, it was in no way a practical move to go the traditional route, and go back to school. My wife, who is amazing by the way, saw this article about this non-traditional route that was beginning to emerge out of San Francisco called Dev Bootcamp. We read about it and thought how cool would it be to do that. I almost immediately thought how am I going to leave you and the kids for three months on the other side of the country while I go off to do this? So that idea was shelved for almost two years. This past Christmas, it came up again, and we began to talk about the possibility of me going to a Bootcamp. This time there was a new one, called Coding Dojo that had opened its doors in Belleview, WA. All of a sudden this had potential due to the fact that we have family in the Seattle area. Now in a funny turn of events, or perhaps the Lord marking my fate, my wife started the application process while trying to get information about the Bootcamp. I was contacted the next day in regards to finishing my application and thought, what application? I didn’t submit one. After dinner that evening, I looked over the email and thought that I really did not have a chance to make it in to this program, but since it was started I might as well go through with it. At the very least I would know what the process was like and I would know how to prepare should I ever seriously get the opportunity to do this. So about a day later, I was sent a test which I passed, and then was emailed about doing a phone interview. And now I am thinking, are you serious Lord? I go through the phone interview, and 24 hours after that, I got an acceptance letter. I made it in! I couldn’t believe how excited I was. No kidding, I was super excited! Now don’t get me wrong, getting married and my kids being born, nothing is going to top that. But as far as personal accomplishments go, this is pretty up there. 

Well there you have it folks, I am going to be a Full-stack web developer, and I am so darn excited about that. We have officially relocated to Seattle, I have been for the past month. I have been working through basic web fundamentals. I have been able to fine tune my html and css skills, while learning jQuery, and all about different frameworks and responsive web design. Fascinating stuff…… Next week is my first week on campus and we will start the first of three full-stacks that I will be learning. LAMP here I come.

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