Au Dela Chef & Catering Services


au-delà /od(ə)la/
masculine noun – beyond, hereafter.
adverb – beyond



Chef Cornell Coulon’s venture, Au Dela, is a private chef & catering service that was created to provide the best-tasting, highest-quality culinary experiences possible combined with a commitment to sustainable environmentalpractices. Every aspect of an Au Dela experience is personalized to your individual tastes and passionately stamped with Chef Coulon’s trademark style and creativity. Our goal is to make your culinary dreams a reality while striving to reduce the environmental footprint we leave behind!


Au Dela is committed to using sustainable, ultra-premium ingredients from small and local producers including hormone- and antibiotic-free meat, poultry and seafood (organic whenever possible) as well as mainly organic, seasonal produce. Our menu selections are always made fresh to order and, unlike many of our competitors, we never serve mass-produced, pre-made frozen items because we believe you deserve better!


At Au Dela, our goal is more than making money. Though the superior ingredients and labor-intensive nature of offering freshly made selections increase our cost of doing business relative to others in the catering field, we refuse to pass all these costs along to you. So, though we may be slightly more expensive than our competitors, we strive to be as competitive as possible with regard to pricing and will do everything possible to work with you to develop a menu that suits your particular budget.


Whatever the occasion, Au Dela has a solution to your unique situation. Join forces with us to ensure that your next event leaves a positive impact both on your guests and on our planet!


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