Food For Your Soul – What Exactly Does That Mean?

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I am often asked what food means to me.  The answer is difficult to put into words. As a chef, husband, father, community- & church-member, there are so many things in my life that involve food.  A good meal – a relaxing dinner with family and friends – having fun in the kitchen with my kids – creating a memorable culinary experience for a bride’s wedding – sharing my culinary knowledge with others so they can enjoy a restaurant experience at home…The list could go on.


Reflecting on this list, the answer becomes more clear – Food creates memories. Food brings people together. Food comforts. Food nourishes your soul.


This is what I want to impart to those around me.  I want to share the ability to use food as a tool to create memories with family and friends. I want to help those who are insecure about their culinary abilities to be able to cook simple, comforting recipes for their own family and friends.


Food is a passion for my whole family, and has been something that has served to bring us together over the years.  I met my wife when she was a waitress in the restaurant to which I came to Washington DC to serve as sous chef.  (Kristen:  I was impressed with Cornell’s delicately scented fresh fish entrees that he paired with local seasonal produce as well as the brie & peach sandwiches he made especially for me – I was hooked!).  It is in the spirit of family togetherness that we will undertake to write this blog – each member of my family will contribute.


We pray that as we share our experiences and knowledge, your soul will be nourished!


The blog posts will help you:

  1. Make comforting food. We will share our favorite feel-good recipes highlighting seasons, holidays, & ingredients
  2. Make memories & bring people together.  We will highlight various food-related activities for families & friends
  3. Run your home kitchen efficiently – saving time & money.  We will share tips to help you grocery shop, set up your pantry & select the most effective equipment so you can spend more time making memories.


Chef Cornell and the Coulon family


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