Yellow Belt & Week 2

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FullSizeRenderSo, what is life like in a coding boot camp? If I could sum it up in one word, that word would have to be INTENSE!!!! Although, I have learned a lot of information, the pace is really, really fast. I am fortunate to be in a cohort with pretty amazing people. If anyone has an interest in attending something like this, you should expect to learn things in days, not weeks, and be able to apply those concepts same day. What is pretty remarkable, is the level of retention at this pace. I can now replicate a website from a screen shot, & build a fully functioning website using frameworks such a Bootstrap and/or Foundation 5. Then we started on the LAMP stack. We started with MySQL, we learned to create databases using SQL workbench. Then we created ERD’s, and learned to forward and reverse engineer them, run queries in SQL and join tables to retrieve information from them. Does that sound exhausting? Well that was just the end of week 1, and did I mention that we had our first exam also? I have officially passed my Yellow Belt exam, Yaaaay! One down, three to go. This week we started PHP which is a backend language that communicates with the server to retrieve information stored in those databases. I have used it this week to build login forms, surveys and two simple games. We will be connecting all three together starting on Monday, and building a forum. So that is how you learn so much so quickly, everyday you add more layers, and build stuff with what you have learned. Build, build, build, 12 to 15 hours a day, 6 days per week. Next up the Red Belt exam, a passing grade means that I have a complete understanding of my first full-stack. Pretty cool huh?

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